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Indulge in tailored massages at my fully equipped studio in Pego, where I customize techniques to suit your preferences. Your relaxation is my priority—I adapt to your needs for a rejuvenating experience.

Thierry Hardy – Certified Massage Therapist. Full equipped cabinet Pego.



Phone/WhatsApp+34 604/28 07 19
E-mail: info@totalharmonia.com


Hailing from Belgium and Canada, I ensure a comfortable environment in my fully equipped
studio for your relaxation needs.
I specialize in various massage techniques, tailoring each session to address diverse needs,
from unwinding tense muscles to providing profound and nurturing holistic well-being. My expertise lies in Swedish massage, employing long, soothing strokes to release tension, complemented by an international certification in Esalen® massage.
The Esalen® approach, known for its deep and nurturing approach, focuses on rhythmic
movements promoting overall wellness.


I want everyone to have better access to well-being., That is I have made sure my sessions are as affordable as possible.

  • 60 minutes – €30
  • 90 minutes – €40

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Relax and enjoy a moment of well-being! In our massage center, we over you the opportunity to disconnect from daily stress. Our professionals are ready to provide you with a unique relaxation experience. Make your appointment and let yourself be carried away by a world of calm and renewal.


Phone/WhatsApp: +34 604 28 07 19 E-mail: info@totalharmonia.com